Essential Tips For Choosing A Women's Perfume

Posted on: 14 September 2021


When it comes down to it, selecting a women's perfume is all about choosing a scent that you enjoy. However, deciding which scent you enjoy best is not often as easy as you'd initially think. So many people find themselves standing at the fragrance counter, unsure of which scent to take home. Here are some tips that will help you make the best choice.

Read through the notes

The descriptions of various perfumes will often list the key notes that those perfumes contain. This is a fancy way to list the scents included in the perfume. The base note is what you'll smell first and most obviously. The middle notes are ones you can detect under the base note, and low notes are ones you may only be able to detect after a few hours of wear. Before you select a perfume, make sure you read through all of the notes. If there is a middle note or low note you do not like, then that's probably not the best perfume for you, even though you may think it smells nice right now. A few hours later, when the base note has faded, you may detect middle and low notes you don't enjoy.

Try it on your own skin

Don't just spray the perfume from a sample card or from the bottle. Most perfumes smell different once applied to your skin. So, once you find a perfume that smells good on paper, try it on. The easiest place to spritz it is your wrist. There are a lot of blood vessels in your wrist, so the perfume warms up quickly and gives off its most balanced scent when applied there. If you don't like the fragrance, you can remove it with soap and water and then try a different one.

Walk away from the fragrance counter

If you're trying on perfumes at the fragrance counter, always walk away from the fragrance counter before really smelling and judging them. You want to get out of the heavily scented perfume section of the store so you can focus solely on the scent you've just applied. Walk around for a few minutes, and just see how the scent hits you in clean air.

With the tips above, you'll have better luck selecting a women's perfume that you enjoy, not just on day one, but on day 100, too. Good luck, and enjoy the scents you discover along the way.