What You Should Look for in a Good Salon Chair

Posted on: 29 January 2021


Salon chairs are an important part of many hairdressers and beauty parlors across America, and it is easy to understand why. Most of the time your clients will spend in your shops will be in these chairs, so it pays to make sure that you get good salon chairs that fit their needs as well as your own. It can be easy to buy the first chairs you see come on sale or the ones that look great and match your decor, but it is always better to be a little more cautious than that. Here are three things you should consider before you buy some new salon chairs.

1. Low Backrest

Salon chairs are not meant to be office or dining chairs, and they are not interchangeable, so don't simply buy chairs because they look good or are very mobile and versatile. Salon chairs are a particular type of seating that is comfortable for the client but also provides full access to their hair for the beauty technician working with them. If you intend to wash their hair or do something even more intense, then you need to factor that into the length of the backrest as well. 

2. Full Maneuverability 

Moving the chair back and forth is one thing, but being able to lay it out, turn it around and lift it high into the air are all essential parts of good salon chairs. The last thing you want to do is to place an order for salon chairs only to realize when they arrive that they do not suit your needs. The best way to ensure that they move and act as you need is to go to a showroom and test them out for yourself. As a general rule, it is always a good idea to see the salon chairs in person before buying them, as they can be quite expensive and are vital to your business.

3. Simple to Operate

User convenience is something you should also prioritize when it comes to salon chairs. You will, after all, be using these chairs on and off again for many years to come, so they should be simple to operate for anyone. Avoid salon chairs with complicated controls and gimmicks that will not be popular in a year or two. Stick with classic designs that have proven effective for decades; your employees and customers will thank you.