Is Your Teenager Experimenting with Extensions? 3 Fun Styles for Wavy Hair

Posted on: 23 October 2019


Hair extensions are a fun way to temporarily lengthen your daughter's hair so that she can experiment with a variety of styles. Today's extensions can be clipped, sewed or glued into your daughter's hair depending upon your preferences and her desire to be able to quickly switch up her look. In addition to being able to add length and different colors to her natural hair, your daughter can also play with fun styles that let her take advantage of those beautiful waves.

These three styles work well with wavy hair extensions, and you can bet that your daughter will enjoy trying out each one.

Go for a Half Up Half Down Style

If your daughter went for extra long hair extensions, then she may be struggling with getting used to having so much hair around her face. Try having her pull up the front half of her hair into a ponytail towards the top and back part of her head while the back part of her hair hangs loose. For a fun twist on this look, your daughter can turn the ponytail into a bun. Some teens also like to leave a few loose pieces around the face so that it has that slightly messy look while still making it easier to manage all of that hair.

Leave It Loose for a Beachy Vibe

Your daughter likely opted for waves because she loves how they add body to her hair. Currently, the beach look is back in style, and your daughter can choose to show off her locks by wearing them down. If she prefers to add something extra to this style, then all it takes is a colorful scarf tied around her hair like a headband. Your daughter can also make her beach style look more tropical by adding a flower clip on one side of her hair.

Do a Waterfall Braid

Wavy hair extensions can usually be braided without losing body since braids tend to make waves. A waterfall braid creates a cascade of waves that can go from the front to around the side of her hair. If you braid both sides of her hair, then you can have the braids meet in the back, which also creates the appearance of a half up and half down style. Alternatively, you could style the loose hair into two low pigtails to create a sporty look that is perfect for spending a day outside with her friends.