Going To Prom? 3 Tips To Make Your Nails Look Great

Posted on: 14 January 2019


If you are going to prom you want to be beautiful from head to toe. One thing you may not consider is your nails. If so, below are three tips on how you can make your nails look great.

Take Care of Cuticles

Take a good look at your nails to see if they are in good condition. The cuticles should be pushed back instead of covering up part of your nail. If you notice your cuticles are not back far enough, you can take care of this on your own at home.

First, remove any nail polish that may be on your fingernails. Check the ingredients on the nail polish remover you use and make sure it does not contain acetone. This is because acetone will dry out your nails.

When the nail polish is gone, moisturize your nails, including the cuticle area, well. You can use hair conditioner to do this or olive oil works well. No matter what you use put a few drops on your nail and then use your fingers to rub the conditioner or oil onto your cuticles.

Next, soak your hands in warm water for about three to five minutes. This will soften your cuticles. Remove you hand and dry it completely. Once dry, use a soft washcloth to gently and slowly push back the cuticles on each finger.

Choose Artificial Nails

Unless you already have long nails the quickest way to get long, beautiful nails are to use artificial nails. You can do this by visiting a nail salon in your area. There are many types of artificial nails to choose from. The four main types found at most nail sons include gel nails, nail wraps made of fiberglass, linen, or silk, acrylic nails, or sculptured nails. The nail salon employee can show you the different types and explain each one to you.

You can also purchase artificial nails to put on yourself at home. You can purchase these at most retail stores, or you can find a variety of artificial nails online.

Purchase a Nail File

While you are purchasing the artificial nails, also purchase a glass nail file, such as from Snazzy Creations. This way you can keep the nails filed just in case one of them gets bent or cracked in any way.

Nail files are much more beneficial than emery boards. This is because nail files will last you a long time, does not tear or snag your nails, easy to clean with a mold soap and water, and nail files work well for most types of artificial nails.

You can find hand painted nail files to finding something unique. You can find these nail files with a variety of designs and colors. For example, you could put a star shape, a bee, or a flower on the nail file.

Once your nails are in perfect condition you can concentrate on other things, such as your hair and makeup.