Different Types Of Bridal Veils And The Hairstyles That Go With Them

Posted on: 10 July 2018


After finding the perfect wedding dress, brides may opt to top it all off with the finishing touch -- a bridal veil. There are several types of veil options and hairstyles that work best with each. As you choose your veil, also consider what types of hairstyle you want so that the two will pair well to create a stunning look. Someone who specializes in bridal hair services can help you thoroughly think through your different options and discuss with you what types of styles will work with your hair type, but some general guidelines are below,


A birdcage veil is a very short piece of netting that covers just the bride's forehead or extends down to her chin. It gives brides a bit of a vintage look. Birdcage veils are attached to a hat or comb, which will help inform your hairstyle. A vintage hairstyle would look particularly beautiful with a birdcage veil, complete with finger waves or victory rolls, but a modern updo also looks fabulous under a birdcage veil.

Juliet Cap

The top of a Juliet cap sits close to the head and wraps around it like a cap before flowing down around the shoulders. This vintage look was popularized in the 1920s, and it is named after Romeo's love. What's more romantic than that? Cascades of curls look best with this romantic type of veil, but updos work well, too. If choosing an updo, make sure it's a soft and relaxed one. 


A mantilla veil is a flat piece of tulle, typically edged with lace or embroidery. It is often pinned to the hair a couple of inches back from the hairline. With this traditional type of veil, just about any hairstyle will work, with the exception of high updos, which will interfere with the way the veil lies. Down and curly, side bun, half up, and low bun are all perfect options for a mantilla veil. 

Once you've chosen your veil and decided on a hairstyle with your bridal hair services professional, be sure to have a dress rehearsal. Take your veil to the person who will be styling your hair for the wedding and try out the look with your veil on. Be sure to take pictures from all angles to be sure that you like the look. And if you don't, try something different. This is your big day and you should feel beautiful.  

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