3 Treatment Options To Consider for Skin Cancer

Posted on: 26 March 2018


Dealing with skin cancer can take its toll mentally and physically. There is hope, however, thanks to advancements in medicine. There are a wide variety of treatment options that can help cure skin cancer and get you back to a normal life again. 

Mohs Micrographic Surgery 

One of the most effective and recommended treatment options for skin cancer is Mohs micrographic surgery. It's intended to treat the most common types of skin cancer.

First, your skin is assessed and any tumor-affected areas are identified. Those areas are cut away using a scalpel. The treated areas are then marked for later analysis under a microscope. These cuts are repeated until all your cancerous tissue is removed. The procedure has a high success rate and is recommended for hard-to-treat areas. These include the hands, neck, feet, nose, and eyes. After the procedure, minimal scarring will be present thanks to reconstruction techniques. 


There will be times when surgical options are not recommended. You may be too old or too sick for surgical procedures to be deemed safe for your overall health. In these instances, radiation is a viable treatment option. 

This procedure is pretty straightforward. X-rays are directed towards the tumor, a process that doesn't require any cutting. After multiple treatments, the tumorous tissue will be destroyed. You can undergo multiple treatments in the same day. The only downside is the excess exposure to radiation, which can lead to other medical problems later down the road. 


One skin cancer treatment that has received a lot of attention in the past few years is cryosurgery. This procedure involves freezing your tumorous tissue with liquid nitrogen. After multiple treatments, the tissue will scab over and eventually fall off.

This procedure is ideal if you're worried about being cut or don't want to be given any anesthesia. Like the radiation technique, you can receive multiple treatments in one session. You may experience slight blistering and swelling, but these side effects are minimal compared to other surgical options. Additionally, liquid nitrogen is easy to administer and is one of the more affordable treatment options for skin cancer today. 

Just because you're diagnosed with skin cancer doesn't mean your life is over. There are plenty of great skin cancer treatment options that you can try, such as the methods listed above. Just be sure to consult with your primary doctor to see what treatment is best for your particular needs.